Are these Jello Shots?
These are technically "gelatin" shots, because JELL-O™ is a brand name. So we can't call them that, but we can add in vodka 😉
Who the Poof are you?
POOFshots was founded in Calgary, AB with one goal in mind.. to make gelatin shots fun and easy! We've created a shareable product that brings people together!
What's in the Jar?
In one POOFshots Jar, you get: 20 premium vodka-infused shots: Blue Raspberry (x5), Watermelon (x5), Cherry (x5), Sour Apple (x5), Banana (x5) We’re working on bringing more delicious flavours in the future!
How much alcohol is in each shot?
POOFshots are 12% Alcohol Per Volume. WARNING: You can taste the booze..
WHO can drink POOFshots?
Anyone who is legal drinking age in their Province! We are also: Vegan-Friendly and Gluten-Free!
Do I have to use my fingers or tongue to get the shot out?
NOPE. Just tilt the shot back and it will fall right out. No fingers or tongues are required, but you can squeeze it to get it faster!
Do POOFshots need to be refrigerated?
POOFshots are best-served chilled, but you can still store and consume them at room temperature. Our shots are also freezer-friendly. Throw them in the freezer before serving!
Does POOFshots sponsor influencers?
Yes, we do! We also have a POOFmodel program. If you love Instagram or TikTok, send us a message to see if you qualify! We are also happy to feature party drink enthusiasts on our socials, as well as sponsor events.
Do POOFshots expire?
POOFshots have an expiry of two years. For the best experience, we recommend to consume within one year of purchase. If you'd even let them sit that long..
Can I put ice in the Jar?
Wow, great idea! That is an absolute YES!
Ideas for where I can bring POOFshots?
Parties, Boating, Weddings, Fires, Festivals, BBQs, Birthdays*, Family Gatherings*. *Just use your best judgement, haha. They are a HIT though.